Workshop Generator

Workshop Generator for Local Carpentry Business to Promote their Handcrafted Pieces in Advertisements. (Future UE5 Project)
1.  Explore procedural building workflow
2. Explore Labs Toolset
3. Create reusable .hda
K.I.S.S. The network tree is very large so I made sure node trees weren't waiting for data or recooking. There are a couple junctures where low poly booleans were necessary. The use of labs boolean curve kept the setup robust as each house cooks in under half a second.


Take aways: 
Orient along curve node was my best friend until I ran into winding order issues, this caused a problem with corner points and instancing to them the geo was sunk in the wall. I eventually conquered with this VEX, it determines if points are complementary or supplementary and then deletes the supplementary. When I attempted to use other methods to delete in-line points I ran into issues and kept shaving sheep. 


Future Todos: Roof upgrades, chimney, furniture/furnishings, blinds, mutliple stories, tools

Selected Works

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