Building Generator

Building Generator for use in game or FX environment
1.  Explore procedural building workflow
2. Explore Labs Toolset
3. Generate multiple stories
4. Make the tool art directable ( asset placement )
This setup is centered around the logic from Simon Verstraete "Overwatch Building Tutorial" where he uses the iteration number from the for-loop to control data at the iteration level. So much can be done with this idea and I explored different areas where this control was valuable in the art direction for the building generator. For instance, assigning a floor # which can then be used with groups to isolate particluar floors and then particular assets, everything is easy to get ahold of through that lens. Something cool about this design is the incorporation of procedural UV's which allows for rigid texel density control and for textures to be implemented such as brick facades or wood without any hassle. 


Take aways: 
This is a great tool that can be expanded on very easily. I am excited to have it in my arsenal and will eventually get around to using it in some RBD explorations. The python nuances I learned in creating the .HDA are very helpful for control and it opens up for-each loops even further for more uses. I am most proud of the UV's and the texel density feature, it makes the assets generated that much lighter.

Future Todos: Implement modular flow with instance points for heavy assets and modular asset integration

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