Procedural Forcefield

Create an art directable forcefield FX
Procedural targeting
Laser deflection %
PCopen function to transfer attributes for particle simulation
Adjust normals on dome where lasers impact for particle FX direction with velocity control
PCopen function to sort and color points from particle simulation based on density attribute
Create directable strut attribute for use in ripple solver based on laser impacts
Use strut attribute to direct coloring of dome for damage visualization



Take aways: 
I thoroughly enjoyed directing and crafting this FX project. The setup boasts a streamlined design with multifaceted customization options—from ripple intensity and impact damage visualization to laser velocity, origin, and its shooter. Through building this setup, I gained invaluable insights, with PCopen playing a pivotal role in shaping the majority of the visual elements.

Future Todos: 
Highlight the setup in the final render better manner, the render is too slow to get going and the camera doesn't work with the shot.

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