Wet Sand Man

Create Wet Sand Setup for Mardini Day 8 Nature "Sand" Contest.
Mixamo motion capture import animation and t-pose
Udim Tile UV prep for LookDev in Substance Painter
Apply Textures per UDIM Tile
Prep geo with polyfill and convert to vdb for Vellum Grains

Create attractionweight constraint and stitch constraint with stretch stress attrib & break threshold
Create falloff trigger
Point Deform rest built grains (points) and constraint attribs by animation geo
Simulate with falloff (wind, gravity, drag)
Delete animation geo by falloff
Add active simulated grains


Take aways: 
The entry took 2nd in Mardini Day 8 "Sand" Contest and I was very pleased with the result! After the entry I decided to pursue a wedge setup to further fine tune the results. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use the new Labs File Cache to wedge but, was able to use the old method. The wedge setup can be reused in future grain setups. I pushed the UDIM Tiling as far as I could with over 48 texture nodes. The fidelity is extremely high because of this and I will use this method with future hero assets.

Future Todos: Snow, more sand

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