"Downtown Phoenix" Building Generator

Create procedural city buildings with geometry imported from Mapbox
Geo Design:
Import geo using mapbox
Filter building data using OSM Nodes
Create/Extrude building curves
Group by attribute "buildings"
Cull data by bounding region
Create for-each "named" primitive loop to use applicable data
Separate "slop" geometry and pack then merge with instanceable points
Copy modular geo to instance points
Merge all together for base city setup



Take aways: 
Working with this setup provided me with valuable insights into the extensive data available in OSM/Mapbox building attributes, including addresses, height, floor numbers, classification, and much more. While the project is ambitious and offers an intriguing high-level perspective—akin to working with gloves on—it also means that everything must work flawlessly downstream. There are specific challenges to account for, like circular buildings causing occasional errors with the tool. I'm currently unsatisfied with the outcomes, particularly in road building, and I intend to refine and update the results here. The modular workflow based on instance points offers the flexibility to make post-initial adjustments, such as modifying patterns or introducing different geometries to achieve the desired appearance. A great starting point would be to sort by categories like residential, carports, parking garages, and commercial structures.

Future Todos: 
Roads, sidewalks, explore different tools to achieve a more robust result: https://github.com/xjorma/EarthMeshHoudini

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